so that the implementation of new plans will be successful

Empowering single dialogues for those responsible for HR, to unattach them from present-day thinking and acting patterns and to align thoughts and attitudes to the things expected in the future.

▸ For: The successful realisation of decided (HR) projects relevant for the future.

You are profiting from me as a coach and expert for coaching quality, as well as from a coaching pool that is, as a long-standing and proven cooperation, at my disposal.
Always, when there are pinch points in changing attitudes and behaviours.

Coaching is, for me: “Cut to the chase!”

In coaching, the things that have good prospects for success and shall be concretely implemented are always supported.

If it is about empowerment to purposeful behaviour by dialogue, coaching is the method of choice. Much is written and spoken about coaching, but to put it in a nutshell: It is a directly empowering dialogue at eye level that (re)activates and focuses the client’s potential, so that individual goals can be realised fully and on time. For thinking, speaking and acting in results and effectiveness.

Typical issues that can be introduced are:

  • strengthening the own volition and reaching goals
  • set a new focus to get back on track
  • a stronger focus on future thinking
  • less rat race and more self-determination of your time

Especially useful, if you e.g. observe that:

  • fundamental commitment meets fear of failure
  • professional and social skills are permanently at odds with acquired restraint
  • a high willingness to cooperate with others and to recognize the feasible combines fears of rejection in the team
  • the own engagement is curbed and the motivation is unclear

The structured dialogical process is subdivided into the steps: Clear issues/Recognise what is/Finding what has an effect/Doing what has an effect.
The duration of a coaching dialogue reaches from a few sessions to, at the maximum, 3 to 6 months, depending on the scope of coaching topics.