for CEOs, directors and CHROs

We should talk. To create fast mobility in the HR sector, to align the decisive people issues with the transformation and the particular corporate purpose and to implement them into visible and impactful measures.

▸ For: a people and HR strategy that becomes the supporting pillar of corporate strategy and which implementation will be directly addressed.

Profit from my experience.
More than 25 years in the personnel sector, from that 15 years as a HR lead in quoted companies, in exceptionally good collaboration with the international C-Level board and with a broad expertise in digital and cultural organisational transformation.

Typical issues that I can provide input and experts about are:

  • Transformation and cultural change in the context of the particular corporate goal/-purpose
  • Starting points for a supporting corporate culture
  • Development of a people and HR strategy fitting the company’s focus
  • Position determination by a organisational development analysis
  • Attractiveness of the company with regard to the lack of specialists
  • Support in the building of a corporate brand/Employer Branding
  • Refocusing of the recruitment
  • Implement diversity quickly and visibly
  • Personnel development from A to Z
  • Corporate Learning and Digital Upskilling
  • Performance Management

Especially useful when you e.g. observe that you are:

  • dissatisfied with the present HR output,
  • the goal and the focus of HR work got somehow lost in the service-intensive daily operations,
  • new impulses or a higher densification for HR work are needed,
  • the order clarification and the “buy-in” of the management should be strengthened,
  • HR shall be thought of from the respective corporate reality and future,
  • the HR sector itself should or wants to transform more,
  • it needs a reviewed, modern and entrepreneurially fitting people strategy,
  • or a more senior project leadership confident at board level is needed for support.