What I draw from

25 years of experience in the leadership & personnel sector … and a network at it´s best


I experienced in my role as CHRO/corporate personnel manager how impactful HR work can be, when management and HR sector address the challenges of the future together. And I have experienced how the inquisitiveness of all members of the company can be increased with modern means, how keenness for the future and the joy of success unfolds as an innovative force in the company and that this is even possible in a demanding transformational process with disruptive aspects. This can be successful when the company management expresses its orientation and perspective and sees HR as a precursor.

I carry the process like a “blueprint” in me, and, since I now can’t be satisfied with less, I go into the companies to reproduce it. This is why I am today burning for this possibility with a passion, and for the role of HR as a precursor and contributor of an innovative personnel- and corporate development. Anything other seems to be an insult to the skills, knowledge and motivation of the engaged employees that you can find in the HR sectors of all companies. My approach to support your company in this direction, is, at the same time, always pragmatic and impact- and results-oriented. With that, I draw back on:

  • 25 years of experience in the sectors of leadership, organisational and personnel development in international companies
  • Expert knowledge about the areas of people empowerment, cultural knowledge, New Work and (digital) transformation. For that, I was chosen by Personnel magazine as one of the 40 leading HR personalities for being a “transformator.”
  • Experience in 4 companies from Dax/MDax to mid-tier and family business
  • Sectors: Automotive, energy, steel trade and service
  • Job families: logistics, public relations/knowledge management (consulting), human resources
  • Qualified coach / Certified mediator / Co-creative moderator

Otherwise: If I am not on the go in corporate wolds, I sing as an enthusiastic rock musician in my band.