for the future of HR

In collaboration with network partners that I bring from the time in which I have gone myself through a similar transformatorial process, we are offering today:
Measures for the departmental development, e.g. co-creative workshop formats; further development of special HR teams or pressing HR topics. Thus, the HR can fulfil its role of the precursor to the next horizon of corporate development. Feasible are offers tailored to your demand or there is e.g. our HR Transition coaching programme or the HR booster programme. We board on where we can reach your HR staff best. According to the motto: As much as necessary and as little as possible, to start the desired dynamics.

▸ For: an HR sector which is well-positioned for expected future requirements.

Your company profits from my Best-Practice-experience and my network of partners. In my activity as HR lead, I was able to build up both and could already “try” it successfully in daily business.

„Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.“ Nelson Mandela

HR is increasingly at the centre of attention on issues such as demographic change, the lack of specialists, new work and digitization, and is thus significantly responsible for the change processes in the company. Traditional HR processes often do not justice to this new reality anymore.

The much-cited lifelong learning is, in the personnel sector, more relevant than ever. This means that work should be done with less effort and more “surgical” precision and lightness.

In collaboration with network partners, I am offering programmes for the targeted further development in the HR sector and for pressing HR topics.

The following programmes are available at this time:

  • HR Development Centre – as a strength-oriented position determination for HR experts or the HR department.
  • Co-creative workshop formats – for the development of future-oriented topics supported by all stakeholders.
  • HR-transition coaching programme (in collaboration with Coachguide GmbH) – 9 months of empowerment as a genuine mindset boost for HR experts.
  • (Inhouse) HR-Booster programme (in collaboration with Coachguide GmbH) – The tailored “shot in the arm” for your HR sector